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Monkeypox is a disease that emerged at a time when the covid virus is disappearing from society. Nowadays it has become a topic all over the world. Let’s see what this monkeypox is… Monkeypox...


Ayurvedic clues to relive from common headache

Headaches are often classified as primary or secondary, depending on the underlying cause. There are many causes of secondary headache due to, Structural Infective Inflammatory Vascular conditions. Causes for primary headache, Tension- type headache...


Symptoms of a heart attack

A British survey revealed that every, one out six patients who die from heart attacks have failed to figure out the symptoms of the heart attack,A British survey revealed that every, one out six...


Acne treatments

acne or the pimples are mostly common among youth or teenagers.But some old people too having pimples on face.there are so many avoiding methods and treatments for pimples. before that lets have some brief...